TSMC and MOEA Water Resources Agency Collaborate to Hold Water Resource Forum

Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C. – June 29, 2012 – TSMC, the R.O.C. Ministry of Economic Affairs Water Resource Agency, and the Taiwan Water Environment Association (TWEA) today jointly held a Water Resource Forum, a new industry-led initiative for adapting to global climate change. The forum was led by Minister of Economic Affairs Dr. Yen-Shiang Shih and TSMC Vice Chairman Dr. F.C. Tseng, who invited government officials and business leaders to discuss water resource development. In addition, Minister of the Interior Lee Hong-Yuan also spoke on clean production and strategies to respond to water resource risk.

The forum was attended by approximately 300 managers, scholars, and people in related fields. At the meeting, TSMC, China Steel Corp., and other experts in the field shared their experience in water resource recycling as well as developing and allocating water resources, aiming to build consensus and collaborate to lower Taiwan’s water resource risk.

“TSMC has always strived to conserve water as much as possible, and we have made considerable achievements in the past 20 years,” said Dr. F.C. Tseng. “By lowering water consumption and increasing our recycling rate, our water usage per wafer has become a benchmark for global peers, and has led Taiwan’s semiconductor companies to achieve the lowest average water consumption in the world. Water resource risk has become an important issue for government, enterprises, and society in Taiwan, and comprehensive water resource management is extremely necessary. Developing new water sources are also an important option. We are pleased to hold this Water Resource Forum with the Water Resources Agency and the TWEA to initiate a discussion and draw on collective wisdom to do our part for a sustainable business and a sustainable earth. ”