TSMC Announces Relief Plan for Hualien Earthquake Victims

Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C., Feb. 12, 2018 - TSMC today announced its relief plan for victims of the magnitude 6.0 earthquake that occurred in Hualien, Taiwan late on February 6; TSMC hopes to leverage the strength of its employees and other enterprises and use the Company’s most direct and effective methods to supplement government disaster repsonse work by helping the victims obtain safe housing, then further support the reconstruction of the Hualien area tourism industry.

TSMC decided on the direction for its efforts after TSMC Charity Foundation Chairwoman Ms. Sophie Chang peronally visited the disaster area at the earliest opportunity to understand residents’ fears and concerns following this natural calamity. The plan also draws on TSMC’s frontline experience in relief for Typhoon Morakot in 2009, the 2014 Kaohsiung gas explosion, and the Formosa Fun Coast Water Park explosion of 2015.

TSMC’s Hualien Earthquake relief plan includes: 1. Initiating an employee fundraising drive through the internal i-Charity platform and recruiting personnel support from the TSMC Volunteer Association; 2. Inviting members of SEMI and partners in TSMC’s supply chain to participate in recovery. The TSMC Charity Foundation will coordinate deployment of the resources above to give residents of the disaster area necessary assistance according to their requirements at different stages.

Based on its principles of corporate social responsibility, TSMC is stepping forward as the government’s partner in post-disaster assistance after understanding the government’s overall relief and reconstruction plan, and will work alongside the people of Hualien to help them rebuild their homes and return to normal life.

“Although homes have collsapsed, we still have boundless hope as long as the people are still safe,” TSMC Charity Foundation Chairwoman Ms. Sophie Chang said after surveying the Hualien disaster area. “Like an innocent child, this terrible moment will not keep them from growing safe and strong with limitless possibility as long as we offer enough love and care. Cheer for Hualien!”