TSMC Announcement

TSMC today announced that in consideration of current severe economic conditions and out of sincere consideration for employees, the company has made the following decisions:

1. As per Taiwan labor law, we issued documents on April 3 to over 200 former employees certifying that their employment was terminated due to deteriorating business conditions.

2. Under the auspices of the Bureau of Labor Affairs, we reached an agreement with all representatives of former employees to issue substantial severance payments based on seniority, which comes in addition to severance already paid in accordance with Taiwan labor law.

3. The above measures apply to all employees who ended employment between December 1, 2008, and March 31, 2009 due to dismissal or voluntary resignation.

“These measures in consideration of TSMC employees are our final decision, and are not subject to further change,” said TSMC Vice President of Human Resources Dr. P.H. Chang.