TSMC Is First Foundry to Offer Online Mask Data RevieweJobview? Expands TSMC’s eFoundry? Initiative, Enabling Faster Time-to-Tapeout

HSIN-CHU, Taiwan, October 4, 2000 - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (NYSE: TSM), the world’s largest dedicated semiconductor foundry, today expanded its eFoundry? initiative with the introduction of eJobview?, the foundry industry’s first on-line mask data viewing tool. This new internet-based capability significantly reduces tape-out time, reduces time-to-volume and could lower total device design costs.

The eJobview software system allows mask designers to view mask (MEBES) images using an ordinary Web browser. Within their browsers, designers targeting TSMC silicon can view MEBES images using industry-standard CATS?mask preparation software from Numerical Technologies and secure, stable, high-capacity web-enabling software from The Santa Cruz Operation.

Through eJobview design teams located around the world can remotely collaborate and review mask data with TSMC engineers during multi-user viewing sessions. The service supports all TSMC processes, including the industry-leading TSMC 0.13-micron logic and 0.18-micron mixed-mode processes. eJobview duplicates online the familiar, collaborative mask data review environment available at any TSMC regional site.

“eJobview increases the efficiency of the mask data review process for those designers who require this step as part of their tapeout methodology,” said Andrew Moore, Design Services Marketing Program Manager for TSMC. “It’s a convenient way for these designers to interface with our mask manufacturing team. Like all of our eFoundry services, eJobview gives designers increased control of product creation, for faster time-to-market."

TSMC is the only foundry with its own mask-making shop. Before eJobview, some COT designers flew to a TSMC site such as Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, or San Jose, Calif., to view masks – adding time and expense to the foundry tape-out process.

“TSMC’s Electron Beam Operation has a tradition of operational excellence that is reflected in eJobview, which permits foundry mask data review within hours of MEBES creation,” said Y.S. Chen, Mask Information Technology Department Manager for TSMC. “Engineers can still review mask data to the same level of detail they always could; the only difference is they now can do it through the Internet instead of the airlines.”

About TSMC

TSMC is the world’s largest dedicated semiconductor foundry, providing the industry’s leading manufacturing capacity, process technology, library and IP options, and other leading-edge foundry services. TSMC is operating eight fabs and constructing two new 300mm fabs. TSMC also has substantial capacity commitments at three additional facilities (WaferTech, SSMC and VIS) jointly operated by TSMC and its partners. In 2000, TSMC expects to have the capacity for nearly 3.4 million 8-inch equivalent wafers, increasing to 4.8 million wafers in 2001. In addition, TSMC recently became the first foundry to license its technology to a leading IDM, thereby establishing itself as an acknowledged world leader in process technology. Fabrication processes offered by TSMC include CMOS logic, mixed-mode, volatile and non-volatile memory, and BiCMOS. TSMC’s corporate headquarters are in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan.