TSMC Teams up with the Red Cross Society of R.O.C. to Sponsor the Program of “Training and Service of Home Caretakers for Solitary Senior Citizens“Pioneering a Brand New Model of Corporate Participation in Charity Activities

Hsinchu, Taiwan, March 2, 2001 -- The Education & Culture Foundation of TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.) announced today the donation of NT$30 million toward a charity program launched jointly with the Red Cross Society of R.O.C. under the guidance of the Ministry of the Interior. The program of “Training and Service of Home Caretakers for Solitary Senior Citizens” will train a total of 480 home caretakers per year in 8 locations for three years, including Taipei City, Taipei county, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Yunline and Chiayi, Tainan and Kaohsiung.” Under the program, home caretakers will be trained to assist solitary senior citizens who require professional care in order to ease the serious shortage of caretakers in Taiwan’s society. Those who complete the training program will be the first seed caretakers to graduate from a large-scale professional training program in Taiwan. The program also marks the first example of joint efforts between a private business, a charity organization and government agency devoted to the care of solitary senior citizens in the hope to maintain the dignity and living quality of senior citizens and contribute to the well being of the society.

Ms. Po-Ya Chang, Minister of the Interior, indicated that TSMC is not only a leader in Taiwan’s high-tech industry, but also sets a good example in its devotion to charity causes. The government is very glad to see private businesses and charity organizations working together to help the disadvantaged groups in the society. Welfare for senior citizens is an important issue. The Training and Service of Home Caretakers for Solitary Senior Citizens” program sponsored by TSMC and the Red Cross Society of R.O.C. will specifically benefit solitary senior citizens, those receiving training and even the entire society.

Dr. Morris Chang, TSMC chairman, indicated that TSMC Education & Culture Foundation is the execution arm of TSMC’s commitment to fulfilling its social responsibilities as a corporate citizen. Over the past three years since its founding, the Foundation has sponsored an array of programs in the areas of education, culture, community management and arts. The Foundation recently decided to expand the subjects and scope of its sponsorship to respond to the social trend in Taiwan and the expectations from its employees for TSMC to participate in more charity activities. As a result, the Foundation brought together existing charity resources and public agencies to establish a cooperation model between the private business, charity group and the government to put into practice the ideal of “taking care of one’s own aging parents and extending the same care to senior citizens in general” through concrete actions.

Ms. K. C. Chen, chairman of TSMC Education and Culture Foundation, pointed out that the Foundation surveyed a number of disadvantaged groups in the society that need help and chose to focus on the home care for solitary senior citizens this year. According to statistics by the Ministry of the Interior, the population over the age of 65 in Taiwan was close to two million by the end of 2000, accounting for 8.62% of the total population. This high percentage already qualifies Taiwan as an aging society. The trend of population aging will be even more pronounced in the future. However, many adult children are unable to take care of their elderly parents because of their life style in an industrial and commercial society dominated by nuclear families. This forces many senior citizens to live a solitary life. These solitary senior citizens have become a disadvantaged group that requires close attention and care from the general public. To care for the mental and physical health of these solitary senior citizens, the Foundation and the Red Cross Society considered a number of options for over six months and decided to devote their