TSMC Receives Government Sponsored 2004 eAward

Hsinchu, Taiwan, April 30, 2004 – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC or the “Company”) (TSE: 2330, NYSE: TSM) said today that its supply-chain project collaboration with semiconductor packaging company Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc.(ASE Inc.) received the 2004 eAward from the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs (M.O.E.A.) and that the collaborative project will represent Taiwan in the eAsia Award competition.

“Our commitment and insistence on e-Business is one of the important force for TSMC’s growth. Collaboratively linking the supply-chain between customers and partners on the well-planned e-Business foundation is imperative to this effort. Building a successful of business-to-business integration (B2Bi) model and improving the efficiency of the semiconductor industry supply-chain has long been a focus at both TSMC and our partners,” said Dr. FC Tseng, deputy Chief Executive Officer of TSMC.

“Effectively managing supply-chain information creates features and benefits that are the mainstays of customer service. Supply-chain management improves work-order process flow and consistently results in a high degree of customer satisfaction,” said the project leader, Dr. Quincy Lin, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of TSMC. “We are very appreciative of our principle strategic partner – ASE Inc., for maximizing the outcome of this project in the shortest period of time.”