TSMC Opens Discussion on Corporate Social Responsibility with Volunteer Sharing Day

Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C. – Nov. 2, 2012 – TSMC today opened a discussion on trends and sustainable practices in corporate social responsibility, hosting a “Corporate Volunteer Sharing Day” with representatives from industry, government, and academia. Speakers invited to share their experience at the forum included Minister Without Portfolio James Hsueh; Ying-Chen Chang, Chair of the National Chi Nan University Department of Social Policy and Social Work, as well as representatives from Intel Corp. and Taiwan Mobile Co. Ltd.

“TSMC has always participated fully in society and fulfilled the responsibilities that a good corporate citizen should bear in order to act as a positive force in society,” TSMC Spokesperson and Senior Vice President Ms. Lora Ho. “For the first time, we have invited experts from government, universities, and the business community to share their experience in this area, and we hope that this will serve as a platform for discussion and for generating innovative ideas and actions that will make society better.”

At the discussion forum, TSMC’s Volunteer Society offered its many years of experience serving as reading volunteers, volunteer docents, energy-saving volunteers, and community volunteers. In addition, the Volunteer Society introduced its newly-established group of eco-volunteers, made up of colleagues from TSMC’s Taichung and Tainan sites. Having completed six months of training, Taichung eco-volunteers will begin guiding students from nearby elementary schools around Fab 15’s eco-park, introduce them to TSMC’s green buildings, and share knowledge and stories about the plant life around the fab site. Tainan eco-volunteers have already begun acting as guides for the Tainan Pheasant-Tailed Jacana Educational Ecology Park, teaching visitors about the jacana and its habitat. In addition to acting as guides, TSMC’s Taichung and Tainan volunteers will also share the inspirations they have gained from the natural world, hoping to inspire respect for all living things.