TSMC Wins MOEA's First "Taiwan Green Classic Award"

Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C. – October 19, 2011 –TSMC today announced that the company was awarded the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) Bureau of Foreign Trade’s first “Taiwan Green Classic Award” in the categories of “Green Classic Product” and “Green Classic Service”. TSMC won unanimous recognition for its comprehensive environmental achievements from the judges, a panel of scholars and experts in the fields of environmental protection, R&D, design, and marketing. The panel evaluated 67 companies and 129 products in the “Green Classic Product” category as well as 14 companies and 15 services in the “Green Classic Service” category on the basis of “green value of product/service”, “green supply chain management, “innovative technology and green marketing”, and “corporate social responsibility”.

TSMC’s “Integrated Circuit Flip Chip Ball Grid Array (BGA)” won selection as a “Green Classic Product”. This product has gained certification for ISO14025 Category 3 Environmental Product Declaration as well as PAS2050 Product Carbon Footprint certification. The certification covers the impact of TSMC’s upstream materials suppliers and downstream assembly and testing service providers, covering the entire semiconductor supply chain. In addition, this product uses TSMC’s advanced process and packaging technology to effectively lower power consumption. For example, products using TSMC’s newest 28nm process consume 75% less power than those using the 65nm process, helping TSMC do its part to mitigate climate change by greatly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The “TSMC Green Service” which won selection as a “Green Classic Service” exemplifies the effectiveness of TSMC’s green management. In addition to helping customers design low-power, high-performance products to reduce resource consumption over the product’s life cycle, TSMC practices clean manufacturing to provide additional green value for our customers. In addition to our own hazardous material management, pollution prevention, waste reduction and water and power conservation, we also lead our suppliers to build a green supply chain and reduce the resources and energy consumed for each unit of production to provide our customers with more advanced, efficient, and ecological products.

“Doing business in an environmentally friendly way is both a corporate responsibility and an unstoppable trend. This ‘Green Classic Award’ once again underscores TSMC’s determination to be a leader, and is an affirmation of our years of hard work,” said Dr. Stephen Tso, TSMC’s Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer. “TSMC will continue to track the latest environmental issues and take the initiative to adopt environmentally friendly measures and lead our suppliers to establish a green supply chain in order to contribute to the sustainable development of the earth.”

TSMC’s Green Achievements

TSMC has won widespread recognition for its green achievements since 1999, and devotes personnel and material resources from across the company to fulfill its environmental goals. TSMC actively engages with business, government, and academia to share its experience and promote green buildings, green factories, green products, and green supply chains.

Environmental Awards
•Excellence in Water Conservation / The Ministry of Economic Affairs Water Resources Agency
•Energy Conservation Award / Ministry of Economic Affairs
•The Annual Enterprise Environmental Protection Award / Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan
•National Award for Outstanding Achievement in Industrial Waste Disposal and Resource Conservation, and Recycling / Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan
•Excellence in Environmental Protection / The Southern Taiwan Science Park Administration  
•Low Carbon Enterprise Award / Hsinchu Science Park Administration
•Chairman Dr. Morris Chang received the SEMI Akira Inoue Award, recognizing his significant contributions to the semiconductor industry and to society in the area of environment, health and safety.

Member of the DJSI for 11 Consecutive Years
•TSMC and Intel Corp. are the only semiconductor companies to be selected as components of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for 11 consecutive years. In addition, TSMC was selected as the semiconductor sector leader in 2010.

First LEED Green Factory Building in Taiwan
•In 2008, TSMC’s Fab 14, Phase 3 facility gained “Diamond Level” certification for Taiwan’s EEWH green building Standard, and was also the first factory building in Taiwan to gain certification for the U.S. LEED standard, with a “Gold” rating.
•In 2009, TSMC’s Fab 12 Phase 4 and 5 facilities also gained EEWH Diamond and LEED Gold certifications, making TSMC the company with the largest number of certified green buildings in Taiwan.

Led Taiwan Semiconductor Industry’s First “Green Forum”
•In 2008, TSMC held the “Green Forum – The Present and Future of Green Factories”. In addition to sharing its own experience in domestic and foreign “green building” certification processes, TSMC also invited organizations including China Steel, AU Optronics, National Cheng Kung University, National Taipei University of Technology, and the Architecture and Building Research Institute, Ministry of the Interior, to discuss green building topics.

Establish the World’s First Integrated Circuit Product Category Rule
•In 2009, TSMC led industry partners to complete the world’s first Integrated Circuit Product Category Rule (IC PCR), helping the global electronics supply chain to meet requirements from Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, for all suppliers to provide eco-labeling.

Established a Semiconductor Green Supply Chain
•In 2009, TSMC became the first company in Taiwan to lead 36 factories at 20 supplier partners in successfully completing and registering a carbon inventory, helping the industry prepare for the coming global trend of product carbon footprint labeling and eco-labeling.
•In 2011, TSMC led 15 key supplier partners (Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc., Taisil Electronic Materials Corp., Air Products Co., Air Liquide Far Eastern, United Industrial Gases Co., BOCLH Industrial Gases Co., Siliconware Precision Industries Co., BASF Taiwan Ltd., Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co. Taiwan, Cabot Microelectronics Corp., Dow Electronic Materials Co., Asia Union Electronic Chemical Corp., ProsperChem Inc., Topco Quartz Products Co., and Ardentec Corp.) to complete Taiwan’s first semiconductor supply chain carbon footprint verification.

Setting the World’s First “Green Factory Standard”
•In 2010, TSMC initiated a joint project between industry, government, and universities to set the world’s first “Green Factory Standard” to promote environmental protection and green products across industries.

Outstanding Recycling and Waste Reduction
•Working with equipment and raw materials suppliers, TSMC reached a water recycling rate of more than 90% and a waste recycling rate of 92%, the highest in global semiconductor industry.