TSMC And Simplex Partner To Provide Substratestorm Technology FilesSimplex Now Provides Both Interconnect and Substrate Models for TSMC’s Advanced Semiconductor Processes

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – March 20, 2001 – Simplex Solutions, Inc. and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan) (NYSE: TSM) today announced a collaboration to provide TSMC’s leading technology characterization files for use with Simplex’s SubstrateStorm? substrate modeling and noise analysis tool. Simplex now provides robust tech files for modeling both the interconnect and substrate of TSMC’s advanced processes.

“Simplex’s SubstrateStorm is the most accurate substrate modeling tool available, precisely because it constructs substrate models using very detailed process parameter data,” said Christophe Bianchi, vice president of marketing for Simplex. “We’ve worked closely with TSMC to obtain the process data required to build technology files, not only for substrate but also for interconnect extraction with

Fire & IceR QX. These technology files give our system-on-chip (SoC) verification suite a tremendous competitive advantage, taking our partnership with TSMC to the next level.”

“TSMC has committed to being the industry leader in technology, capacity and service, at every technology node,” said Mike Pawlik, vice president of corporate marketing for TSMC. “As part of our commitment to deliver on that promise, TSMC is the first foundry to provide substrate technology data for Simplex’s SubstrateStorm, and advanced 0.13-micron technology files for Simplex’s Fire & Ice QX.”

Substrate-noise coupling has become a primary issue for designers of deep-submicron (DSM) mixed-signal, analog, wireless—including radio-frequency (RF) and Bluetooth—and high-speed digital integrated circuits (ICs). Simplex’s SubstrateStorm, recognized as the leader in the growing market for substrate-noise coupling analysis, enables mixed-signal designers not only to effectively isolate noisy digital circuitry, but also to quantify the sensitivity of the analog circuitry.

Partnering to Provide Technology Files

Through its Foundry Partners Program, Simplex has worked with TSMC for more than three years to provide to mutual customers TSMC tech files for use with Simplex’s Fire & Ice QX interconnect extraction product. Technology files for the popular TSMC processes are available for download from TSMC-Online, TSMC’s password-controlled website. As part of Simplex’s COSMIC* program, TSMC has also manufactured several test chips and then measured total capacitance and coupling capacitance to validate the accuracy of Simplex’s Fire & Ice QX interconnect extraction models with silicon. The latest test-chip effort targets TSMC’s next-generation, all-copper, low-k dielectric, 0.13-micron process. These joint test chip efforts ensure designers that Simplex’s SoC verification tools will produce accurate results that have been validated against actual silicon.

TSMC and Simplex have now extended this partnership to provide substrate technology files for TSMC’s leading-edge, mixed-signal processes. The substrate technology files are available today and have been software-validated against industry-standard process-characterization tools.

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TSMC is the world's largest dedicated semiconductor foundry, providing the industry’s leading process technology, library and IP options and other leading-edge foundry services. TSMC operates two six-inch wafer fabs and six eight-inch wafer fabs. The Company also has substantial capacity commitments at two joint ventures fabs (Vanguard and SSMC) and WaferTech. In 2000, TSMC produced the foundry industry's first 300mm customer wafers and began constructing two dedicated 300mm fabs. TSMC’s corporate headquarters are in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan. More information about TSMC is available through the World Wide Web at http://www.tsmc.com.

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