70 Percent of TSMC Wafer Process Equipment Recovered

Hsinchu, Taiwan, September 27, 1999- Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company ("TSMC" or the "Company") (NYSE: TSM) today announced its latest recovering progress at 6:30 p.m. At press time, 70 percent of the Company's wafer process equipment has already been released for production. Meanwhile, wafer shipment has been increasing steadily.

TSMC spokesman, YC Huang stated that today the Company's equipment recovery has substantially moved up to 70 from yesterday's 50 percent. "The wafer moves of our two 6-inch fabs (Fab 1 and Fab 2) have already reached 70 percent. It is expected that the progress to reach 80 percent tomorrow as scheduled. On the other hand, two of our three 8-inch fabs (Fab 3, Fab4) have already seen a 50 percent wafer moves, and the figure for these two fabs is still expected to return to 80 percent no later than September 30th, 1999. However, our Fab 5 is expected to catch up a few days later because the damage is slightly more serious."