VCX Launches VCX Gateway To Extend Accessibility of Streaminded IP Procurement ModelTSMC and Sonics Are First VCX Internet Alliance Partner Sites to Go “Live”

LIVINGSTON, Scotland — March 19, 2001 — The Virtual Component Exchange (VCX), creator of the world’s first global B2B exchange for semiconductor intellectual property (SIP), today announced the VCX Gateway, an expansion of its e-commerce strategy to accelerate the growth of the system-in-chip (SOC) and IP markets. The initiative is aimed at expanding the accessibility and reach of the VCX transaction system by providing companies in the IC design infrastructure with a “transaction gateway” between the company site and providers of silicon IP .

The first companies to embed the VCX Gateway in their sites are Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. (TSMC), and Sonics Inc. TSMC is using the VCX Gateway to transaction-enable the TSMC IP Alliance product tables in the within the site. Sonics is transaction-enabling the IP cores that users will have evaluated and affirmed while exploring SOC architectural alternatives at their emerging site, currently in beta.

As members of both the respective IP partner programs and trading members of the VCX, inSilicon Corporation, along with Sonics, are the first IP providers to benefit from the extended reach offered by the VCX Gateway.

Multiple Benefits

The VCX Gateway offers benefits to three different types of companies: For IP Buyers, the VCX Gateway provides non-exclusive, distributed access to VCX transaction methods and commerce engine technology – freeing them to initiate and pursue VCX standard transactions from popular design technology sites across the Internet. For IP Sellers, the VCX Gateway represents an online travelling companion to their IP product descriptions, extending VCX lead generation and transaction capabilities to more and more of the specialized web sites where buyers do the day to day technical work of researching and qualifying IP for their system chip designs. For VCX Internet Alliance partners (such as TSMC and Sonics), integration of the VCX Gateway on their site using VCX’s e-Commerce Toolkit?offers simple web access to a complementary, industry-wide e-commerce solution for semiconductor IP, allowing them to focus on the unique added value of their own site.

How the VCX Gateway Works

The VCX consists of sophisticated tools for streamlining the IP procurement process and currently has more than 30 virtual components (VCs) in its rapidly growing public listing section, the area of the exchange where non-licensees can get a high-level view of the various IP available on the VCX. Now, with deployment of the VCX Gateway, those VCs are available for viewing at VCX Internet Alliance partner sites in addition to the VCX home site of

When clicked, each embedded VCX Gateway button displays component-specific, public-level supplier information from the VCX Listing, and introduces the user to the VCX TradeFloor where members can execute trades. Non-VCX members can still view the public level information from the supplier and learn about VCX transaction methods and membership. Once within the TradeFloor, licensees – both buyer and seller - can then use the VCX's TransactionWare? toolset to expedite the necessary technical, legal and business steps to complete a transaction.

The VCX Gateway is designed to make it as easy and seamless as possible for existing members to access the VCX transaction system from their design or information environment of choice. As such, the primary product of the Gateway is a transaction-enabled button which, when clicked, displays component-specific, public-level supplier information from the VCX Listing, and introduces the user to the VCX TradeFloor where members can execute trades.

As part of the strategy, the third-party sites can also work directly with the VCX development team to create custom integrations of VC