TSMC Supports DesignSphere? Access from Synopsys and Avanti to Provide Concept-Through-Silicon CapabilityDesignSphere? Access to Link to TSMC’s eFoundry

Science-Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan, June 2, 2000 - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (NYSE: TSM) today became the first and only foundry to embrace DesignSphere? Access, a new model of design over the Internet developed in collaboration with Synopsys and Avanti.

DesignSphere? Access brings the design capabilities of these leading EDA vendors onto a Web-based platform that can be integrated in TSMC’s eFoundry environment for online layout review, order placement and supply chain management. As a result, engineers are now embarking on an era when they can take their ideas from concept through silicon, completely online.

TSMC’s role in this development is substantial. Through its internal Design Services Division (DSD), TSMC has worked extensively with Synopsys and Avanti to create a virtual re-integration of the two companies’ EDA software and TSMC’s advanced silicon process technologies. This re-integration effort includes silicon-validated technology files, library components and a TSMC process-based design flow pioneered by TSMC’s DSD.

“The capabilities enabled by developments such as DesignSphere? Access and TSMC’s eFoundry cannot be easily overstated,” said Mike Pawlik, TSMC vice president of corporate marketing. “The Internet’s ability to improve information-sharing and collaboration, expand commerce and open supply chains will have direct benefits to IC designers in the communications, computer and consumer products markets. This development, along with the integration of Synopsys and Avanti software with TSMC’s advanced silicon process technologies, should expand the accessibility of complete concept-through-silicon services in the same way that the foundry industry has expanded the availability of IC manufacturing.”

The vision of TSMC’s eFoundry initiative is that designers anywhere should have the ability to use a credit card, PC and browser to go from concept to silicon with a new design or IP core. This means having the ability to purchase and use a complete design environment, implement the design with “try-before-you-buy” IP; target the design to a specific foundry process; review the layout interactively; and order prototypes of the design at a fraction of the cost of a full wafer run. With this announcement, and the earlier announcements of TSMC’s Internet Layout Viewer and its accelerated CyberShuttle (formerly multi-project wafer or MPW) program, this eFoundry capability is nearly complete.

About eFoundry

TSMC’s eFoundry program gives designers around-the-clock online access to engineering and electronic supply chain information, including the ability to place purchase orders, check work-in-process (WIP), and review shipping notices and other logistical information. Customers also have access to detailed foundry data, including yield analysis, order status, backlog, and wafer sort, quality assurance, statistical process control, and process reliability monitoring.

About Internet Layout Viewer

Developed in concert with CreOsys, Inc. expressly for TSMC, Internet Layout Viewer provides designers in geographically dispersed locations with the ability to collaborate with TSMC Design Service engineers in real time, over the World Wide Web. This interactive collaboration capability enables teams of designers to review all or part of the chip layout, providing accurate placement and routing as well as correct physical topology of the device, before first silicon.

The Internet Layout Viewer is platform independent, requiring only a web browser rated at 4.0 or above. The platform can be a PC, Mac or Workstation running Windows, Mac OS, UNIX or Linux. The Layout Viewer is a secure system that does not allow users to download or otherwise capture the design. The actual database on which the design resides