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TSMC IT (Corporate Information Technology) consists of four divisions: TSID (Technology System Integration), ICSD (Infrastructure and Communication Services), BSID (Business System Integration), and AAID (AI Application & Integration). Organized by functional specialties and led by experts, we provide innovative solutions throughout the enterprise.
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Technology System Integration Division

  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Tool Productivity
  • 300mm Fab Automation


Infrastructure & Communication Services Div.

  • IT Infrastructure and Management
  • Cloud Computing Services
  • Network and Information Security


Business System Integration Division

  • eCommerce Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Supply Chain Management


AI Application Integration Division

  • AI Applications, R&D Platform
  • Engineering Data Analysis
  • 200mm Fab Automation

IT Product Landscape

How does TSMC maintain its competitive advantage? The secret is Fab Runs On Code, the forward-looking semiconductor process of which IT is a key contributor. From highly automated manufacturing systems to the continuous development of intelligently integrated software, IT systems and platforms play a critical role in our technology landscape. We constantly apply the latest technologies to innovate our products which not only improve yield, efficiency, and stability, but also extend TSMC's competitive advantage. Everyone is encouraged to explore their innovative ideas at TSMC IT.

Intelligent Manufacturing Fab Automation, Yield Analysis, Productivity, R&D
  • Process Yield Analysis

  • Quality Management

  • Facility

  • Intelligent Manufacturing System

  • Integrated Process Control

  • Tool Automation & Optimization

  • Digitized Operation Platform

  • Advanced Computing Stack

  • Modern Data & Security Platform

Business Management
  • Customer Collaboration Platform

  • Technology & Product Management

  • Finance & Logistic Management

  • Supply Chain Planning & Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Digital Employee Workflow & Services


Our Locations

Founded in Taiwan, TSMC serves global semiconductor markets though its worldwide operation centers. We provide account management and engineering services through subsidiaries and offices in North America, Europe, Japan, China, and South Korea. Currently, TSMC IT has over two thousand employees located mainly in Taiwan and several overseas factories (US, Japan, China) and is actively recruiting global talents. You are welcomed to join us wherever you are.


HQ & Hsinchu Fabs


Taichung Fabs


Tainan Fabs


TSMC Nanjing, Fab 16


TSMC Arizona, Fab 21




People Are Our Most Valuable Asset

Talented employees are the reason TSMC is the industry leader. Happy people are productive and lead to competitive teams. Employees are TSMC’s greatest asset. We are committed to attracting and retaining employees through well-above average compensation, open management model, and a continuous-learning, fun and challenging environment. We reward talents, performance, and long-term contributions. Our goal is to continue being a world-class leader that employees are proud of. According to the labor market survey report, TSMC’s compensation ranks within the top 25% of the industry.

Life at TSMC Is Dynamic and Fun

We provide a comfortable working environment that fosters creativity and productivity. We believe life enrichment is as important as professional achievement and are committed to provide the best care to our employees both physically and psychologically.

Grow Personally And Professionally

From tuition assistance to various training programs, our employees are empowered to expand their knowledge, master the latest technology, and continue learning as they navigate through careers.​​
We offer online and in-person seminars in technical, management, and professional development. Through lectures, technical live stream, book clubs, and bootcamps by renowned speakers and our staff, we strive to ensure that our staff continuously grow personally and professionally.

  • Health Center, Factory Outpatient Clinic, Annual Health Checkup
  • TSMC Kindergarten, 12 weeks maternity leave, 10 days paternity leave
  • Gym, Fitness Class, Sports Activities
  • Diversified Clubs, Discounts on Arts & Cultural Activities, Volunteer Activities
  • Special store, festival shopping street, staff shopping platform
  • Famous Food Rotation, Cafe/Bakery/ Juice Bar in each office

Enhances health and well-being so you can take care of yourself with ease

The health of employees is the wealth of an enterprise. TSMC people enjoy on-site clinics, round-the-clock nursing assistance, annual health check-up services, psychological counseling services, nursing rooms, massage rooms and other facilities. In addition to various activities organized by the Employee Welfare Committee, all TSMC factories have complete fitness facilities, as well as various fitness courses such as yoga and aerobics, so that TSMC people can make good use of their time outside of work to maintain the best state of their bodies. , in order to achieve a balance between personal body, mind, work and family, and through the participation of clubs, we can explore the joy of life with like-minded colleagues.


In 2022 alone, recruited 12,442 new employees around the world


The average salary of new engineers with a master's degree is NTD. 2 million


Fill 57.6% of vacancies through internal transfers


In 2022, 88.6% of manager positions were filled through internal promotions


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