The Company’s sophisticated, agile and intelligent operating systems drives the Company’s manufacturing excellence. TSMC has integrated process experience, machine tuning, manufacturing know-how, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to create an intelligent manufacturing environment.

Intelligent manufacturing technologies are widely applied to lean manufacturing, employee productivity, equipment productivity, process and equipment control, quality defense, and robotic control to optimize quality, productivity, efficiency, and flexibility. The end result is real-time information analysis, improved forecast capability, maximum cost effectiveness, and accelerated innovation.

TSMC has also integrated new applications such as intelligent mobile devices, IoT, augmented reality/mixed reality, and mobile robots, with intelligent automated material handling systems (AMHS) to consolidate wafer manufacturing data collection and analysis utilize manufacturing resource efficiently, and maximize manufacturing effectiveness. TSMC continues to intellectualize semiconductor production through AI that utilizes massive amounts of production data to achieve agile and intelligent operations. In addition, the Company implemented augmented reality (AR) technology during the COVID pandemic to diagnose remote equipment problems and improve equipment installation efficiency.

Agile and Intelligent Operations