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TSMC established the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation (the TSMC Foundation) in 1998. Dr. F. C. Tseng, a long-standing member of the TSMC Board of Directors, serves as the Foundation's Chairman. The Foundation's three engagements ─ nurturing young talent, working in tandem with educational partners and promoting arts and culture, are the cornerstones of TSMC's social responsibility.

Nurturing Young Talent
During their high school and college experiences, young people shape their identities and exploring the world around them. For high school students, the TSMC Foundation provides extracurricular opportunities to grow in both the sciences and humanities by hosting a variety of competitions, camps, and lectures. For college students, the Foundation provides scholarships and support to encourage the students achieve their education goals and realize their dreams.
Working in Tandem with Educational Partners
The TSMC Education and Culture Foundation has long addressed the educational gap between urban and rural areas. To tackle the issue, the Foundation cooperates with public and private educational institutions, designing a variety of education programs including the "TSMC Science Tour" and "TSMC Aesthetic Tour", among others. These educational resources are designed to level the educational playing field and close the urban-rural educational gap.
Promote Art and Culture
The TSMC Education and Culture Foundation has promoted art and culture for a number of years. In 2003, the Foundation initiated the "TSMC Hsin-Chu Arts Festival", that presents art exhibits and performances in Hsinchu, Taichung and Tainan. In addition to inviting internationally recognized artists to Taiwan, the Foundation actively sponsors prominent Taiwanese art groups. Sponsoring Taiwan's artistic organizations, popularizing Taiwan arts and culture ecosystem, and enhancing the public's art appreciation, the Foundation's art sponsorships enriches humanity and lifts the spiritual life of Taiwan society.

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Address: 8, Li-Hsin Rd. 6, Hsinchu Science Park,
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