Technology is one of TSMC's cornerstones. TSMC has the broadest range of technologies and services in the Dedicated IC Foundry segment of the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The IC Industry Foundation strategy embodies an integrated approach that bundles process technology options and services.

TSMC collaborates with partners to ensure that all services supporting those technologies represent the best practices in the Dedicated IC Foundry segment. To that end, TSMC and its ecosystem partners deliver the largest portfolio of process-proven IP and libraries, and the IC industry's most advanced design ecosystem, a.k.a. Open Innovation Platform® (OIP).

When you're looking for a semiconductor manufacturer, you need one that can handle all of your applications. We work with many sectors and platforms. Our technology drives some of the top equipment and products around the world.

Logic Technology

Our logic technology supports a full spectrum of integrated circuits for different applications. From our most advanced 3-nanometer Fin Field-Effect transistor (FinFET) technology to our 0.18-micron low-k, copper system-on-a-chip (SoC) technology, we have you covered.


Specialty Technology

Our specialty manufacturing technologies include MEMS, CMOS image sensors, embedded NVM, radio frequency, analog, high voltage and BCD power processes. These technologies are ideal for a range of products, including IoT devices, smartphones and mobile, medical systems and wearable tech.




Global data traffic will grow by 10 times between 2016 and 2026. Our WLSI helps you stay up to speed. With our WLSI services, you get computational efficiency and greater functionality with our advanced node silicon wafers.


Technology Platforms

Our four platforms of semiconductor technology and applications include automotive electronics, high-performance computing, IoT and mobile. These platforms allow us to provide you with the comprehensive technology roadmap that your electronic devices need.


Future R&D Plans

To maintain and strengthen TSMC's technology leadership, the Company plans to continue investing heavily in R&D. For advanced CMOS logic, the Company's 5nm and 3nm CMOS nodes continue progressing in the pipeline...