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Agile and Intelligent Operations
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The Company's sophisticated agile operation system continues to drive manufacturing excellence by integrating demand and capacity modeling, lean Work in Process (WIP) line management, and lot dispatching and scheduling to provide fast ramp-up, short cycle time, stable manufacturing and on-time delivery. The system also provides great flexibility to quickly support customers' urgent pull-in requests when needed.

TSMC has also introduced new applications such as IoT, intelligent mobile devices and mobile robots to consolidate data collection, yield traceability, workflow efficiency, and material transportation to continuously enhance fab operation efficiency.

Following its commitment to manufacturing excellence, TSMC has integrated automatic manufacturing system and machine learning technology, and then achieve intelligent fabs. Machine learning technology revolutionizes fab operation mode from "auto" to "intelligent", and widely applied in scheduling and dispatching, people productivity, equipment productivity, process and equipment control, quality defense, and robotic control. So as to optimize efficiency, flexibility and quality while maximizing cost effectiveness and accelerating overall innovation.

TSMC Reports Second Quarter EPS of NT$2.57(2019/07/18)
TSMC June 2019 Revenue Report(2019/07/10)
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