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The TSMC IP Alliance Program, a key component of TSMC Open Innovation Platform® (OIP), includes major and leading IP companies, providing the semiconductor industry's largest catalog of silicon-verified, production-proven and foundry-specific intellectual property (IP). The IP Alliance members can access TSMC technical data and/or libraries to design their IP, and get dedicated support from TSMC IP technical support teams for third parties.

The TSMC9000 Program is related to TSMC's IP Alliance Program and defines a set of minimum IP quality requirements. IP partners can submit data and apply to go through the TSMC9000 assessment for their IP. Assessment results are posted on TSMC-Online to help customers understand the confidence level and/or risk level of using these IP. In addition, an extension of the TSMC9000 Program focuses on testing verification on system level to ensure the best possible design experience, easiest design reuse and the fastest integration into the overall design system.

IP alliance members register their IP at TSMC’s IP registration system to form TSMC’s best-in-class ecosystem IP catalog. The TSMC IP catalog contains thousands of IP from more than 40 IP alliance members. Customer can do IP search and selection enabled in the “IP Center” on TSMC-Online (TSMC-Online Design Portal 3.0 IP Center).

All IP in the TSMC IP catalog are created, directly sold and directly supported by the individual IP partner to better support each customer's particular design and business model. The figure below is a typical SoC diagram which shows the IP category that TSMC's IP ecosystem offers to customers.

A Modern SOC Block Diagram

Note: TSMC does not guarantee that silicon-verified IP will work in any given design environments or achieve certain production yield ratios. In addition, TSMC is not responsible for commitments made to customers by ecosystem partners.

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