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Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) includes the industry common One-Time-Programmable memory (OTP), Multiple-Time-Programmable memory (MTP), Flash memory (Flash), and next generation NVM of Magnetic RAM (MRAM) and Resistive RAM (RRAM).

TSMC provides foundry’s most advanced and comprehensive portfolio of Embedded NVM technologies, featuring fastest computing capacity, smallest flash dimensions, and lowest power consumption.

TSMC’s Embedded Flash technology ranges from 0.5-micron (µm) to 40nm and provides a number of flash IP options to meet a variety of product design requirements. TSMC’s 2017 total shipment of Embedded Flash wafers to customers ranked No.1 in the global semiconductor industry, supporting a wide range of applications including consumer electronics, portable electronics, home appliances, smartcards, computers, wired and wireless communications, automotive electronics, medical equipment, industrial automation, the Internet of Things, and wearables.

Meanwhile, TSMC started volume production of 40nm Embedded Flash technology for automotive in 2018 and is now developing the 28nm Embedded Flash. At the mean time, TSMC is also developing Embedded MRAM, and Embedded RRAM in parallel to fulfill customers’ need of continuous performance improvement and power-consumption reduction.
TSMC Reports Fourth Quarter EPS of NT$3.86(2019/01/17)
TSMC December 2018 Revenue Report(2019/01/10)
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