Dedicated foundries are areas that produce microchips for semiconductor companies. Within the semiconductor industry, dedicated foundries have helped broaden the industry’s horizons with unique advantages and an increased number of sales. Dedicated foundries influence a variety of products, including computers, automotive electronics, the Internet of Things, and communication devices. In 1987, Dr. Morris Chang founded the world’s first dedicated semiconductor foundry company. His innovative business model greatly lowered the threshold needed to establish an IC design company by solving challenges of the increased complexity of technology development and the sizable investment for building wafer manufacturing fabs. It catalyzed and accelerated fabless start-ups and system houses IC design efforts, and in turn unleashed the tidal waves of innovation in chip design and product applications. These innovations have made semiconductors ubiquitous in our lives and have significantly improved our lives. Educate yourself on dedicated foundries, including their innovative business model and impact on the semiconductor industry, so you are aware of their wide usage and effectiveness in technology.