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TSMC is dedicated to being a leading Taiwan corporate citizen and is an active sponsor of education and cultural activities. To maximize the impact of our contributions, TSMC established the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation (the TSMC Foundation) in 1998. Currently, F. C. Tseng, TSMC Vice Chairman, serves as the Chairman of the Foundation, which has been pioneering various projects to fulfill our long-term commitment to education and culture. The four principles of TSMC Foundation are: "Commitment to Education", "Contribution to TSMC Site Communities", "Communities Sponsorship of Arts", and "Support for Employee Volunteer Program." If you would like to learn more about the Foundation, please access the official site of TSMC Foundation.

Commitment to Education
TSMC Foundation designs a variety of education programs with specific focuses for students of different age groups. For college students, we target global perspectives so they can be more competitive in the global market. For students of secondary schools, our focus is to develop their potentials for both science and humanity. For those of primary schools, we focus on aesthetic education. Our goal is to let children learn about the arts as early as possible and to bridge cultural and educational gaps between rural and the urban districts in Taiwan.

Contributions to TSMC Site Communities
The Foundation is committed to building a better community for both our employees and our neighbors. In order to contribute more to local communities and bring them more opportunities of appreciating arts, in 2003 the Foundation initiated the "TSMC Hsin-Chu Arts Festival", which has been presenting fine arts exhibits and performances in both Hsinchu and Tainan. These festivals have been nurturing and cultivating a greater interest in arts in these TSMC site communities.

Arts Sponsorship
The TSMC Education and Culture Foundation has been devoted to the promotion of arts and culture for many years. In addition to providing supports by inviting international prestigious artists to Taiwan, the Foundation actively assists prominent Taiwanese art groups. Through TSMC Foundation's sponsorship, we hope to increase the public interests and participation in national art and cultural events.

Support for Employee Volunteer Program
< Other than financial sponsorships, TSMC Foundation takes part in social service through employee volunteer programs. In 2004, the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation founded the TSMC Volunteer Program. Starting from 2010, Ms. Sophie Chang (Su-feng Chang) was elected as the director of the society and led the volunteers to devote themselves to various educational and philanthropic initiatives that serve the society.

Contact Information
Mei-Ching Chung, TSMC Education & Culture Foundation
TEL: +886-3-5636688 ext. 712-5030
FAX: +886-3-5784143
Address: 8, Li-Hsin Rd. 6, Hsinchu Science Park,
Hsinchu 300-78, Taiwan, R.O.C.
E-mail: mcchungd@tsmc.com
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