ASICLAND Technologies, Ltd

ASICLAND is TSMC Value Chain Aggregator(VCA) and ARM Approved Design Partner(ADP)

ASICLAND, a chipless and leading provider in ASIC industry, provide ASICs to OEM companies and Fabless. We has own highly integrated technology and know-how that based diverse experience of carrying out many projects using advanced process. ASICLAND is also focusing on the 4th industry ASIC such as AI, 5G, Block-Chain and IoT to lead the market. Thanks to the diverse experience and experienced experts, ASICLAND has achieved remarkable development since its establishment.

ASICLAND values customer satisfaction with product quality, cost and on time delivery.

ASICLAND Solutions

Embark on a promising journey to silicon success with ASICLAND.

ASICLAND, headquartered in Suwon, South Korea, is a leading One-stop Turnkey Solution provider in ASIC industry, offering ASIC Design Services and Mass Production Managements. Spanning over 7 years with 300+ tape-out track records, ASICLAND has successfully executed diverse projects through TSMC’s processes, ranging from 180um to 5nm. ASICLAND’s expertise and competitiveness are based on the core applications for the fourth industrial revolution, including AI, 5G, and IoT.

ASICLAND prioritizes customer satisfaction in product quality, cost, and time. To acquire the ability to comprehensively serve all design service models, the company is deeply involved in the entire process from chip specification to mass production, covering architecture, RTL, IP, front-end/back-end design, Design for Test, package, test, and failure analysis.

ASIC Design Service
  • SoC Design and Integration
  • Advanced Technology: 5/7/12/16nm
  • Analog Front End (AFE) Design Service
  • CPU/GPU Hardening Service
  • IP Customization
  • Analog Full Custom Design Service
  • FPGA Design and Verification
  • Manufacturing Service (Test Set-up, Failure Analysis, Yield Improvement, PKG service etc.)
  • IP Solutions
IP Offerings through Our Partnership
  • CPU: Arm, etc.
  • AI Accelerator
  • PCIe gen4, PCIe gen5
  • H.264, H.265, MPEG, JPEG
  • USB 2.0, 3.0
  • 10/100M, 1/10G Ethernet
System Level Design Service
  • Evaluation Board Service
  • FPGA Board Customization
  • OS
  • S/W + H/W Turnkey development
Contact Information
  • Contact Person: JH Kim / Sales Senior Director
    TEL: +82-31-212-1984
    FAX: +82-31-212-1985
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