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TSMC became the first foundry to provide the world’s first 28nm General Purpose process technology in 2011 and has been adding more options ever since. TSMC provides customers with foundry’s most comprehensive 28nm process portfolio that enable products that deliver higher performance, save more energy savings, and are more eco-friendly.

TSMC’s 28nm process technology features high performance and low power consumption advantages plus seamless integration with its 28nm design ecosystem to enable faster time-to-market. The 28nm process technology supports a wide range of applications, including Central Processing Units (CPUs), graphic processors (GPUs), high-speed networking chips, smart phones, application processors (APs), tablets, home entertainment, consumer electronics, and the Internet of Things.

TSMC’s industry-leading 28nm process technology mainly uses High-k Metal Gate (HKMG) gate-last technology. Compared to the gate-first technology, the gate-last offering provides more advantages, including lower leakage current and better chip performance.

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