7nm Technology

TSMC's 7nm Fin Field-Effect Transistor (FinFET) (N7) process technology sets the industry pace for 7nm process technology development by delivering 256Mb SRAM with double-digit yields in June 2016. In 2019, in N7 process node's second year of volume production, customers taped out more than 110 new generation products on N7. In addition, 7nm FinFET plus (N7+) technology entered full-scale production in 2019 and delivered customer 7nm products to market in high volume. N7+ technology is the first commercially available extreme ultraviolet EUV-enabled foundry manufacturing process technology in the world. Its success is a testament to TSMC's world-leading capabilities in EUV volume production and paves a solid foundation for N6 and more advanced technologies.

Meanwhile, TSMC's 6nm FinFET (N6) technology successfully completed product yield verification in 2019. Thanks to the reduction in mask layer and the process complexity achieved through EUV lithography technology, N6 technology could achieve better yield and shorter production cycles compared to N7 technology in the manufacture of the same products. In addition, N6 manufacturing process delivers 18% higher logic density over the N7 process. At the same time, its design rules are fully compatible with TSMC's proven N7 technology, allowing its comprehensive design ecosystem to be reused. As a result, it offers a seamless migration path with a fast design cycle time with very limited engineering resources for customers not only to achieve the product benefits from the new technology offering but also can significantly reduce customers' product design cycle time and time-to-market.

Risk production of N6 technology started in the first quarter of 2020 with volume production planned before the end of 2020, TSMC's N6 technology provides customers with additional cost-effective benefits while extending the industry-leading power and performance from the 7nm family for a broad array of applications, ranging from high-to-mid end mobile, consumer applications, AI, networking, 5G infrastructure, GPU, and high-performance computing.

Compared to its 10nm FinFET process, TSMC's 7nm FinFET features 1.6X logic density, ~20% speed improvement, and ~40% power reduction. TSMC set another industry record by launching two separate 7nm FinFET tracks: one optimized for mobile applications, the other for high performance computing applications.

7nm Technology

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