Technology Platforms

In light of the rapid growth in four major markets, namely mobile, high performance computing, automotive electronics, and the Internet of Things, and the fact that focus of customer demand is shifting from process-technology-centric to product-application-centric, TSMC has constructed four different technology platforms to provide customers with the most comprehensive and competitive logic process technologies, specialty technologies, IPs, and packaging and testing technologies to shorten customers' time-to-design and time-to-market.


Automotive Electronics Platform

These are exciting times as we witness a transportation evolution. Pundits predict that on-demand ride sharing will replace car ownership substantially. Hybrid and electrical vehicles are growing in popularity in response to environmental regulations...

High-Performance Computing Platform

Emerging AI and 5G applications, including intelligent manufacturing, augmented reality/virtual reality, connected devices and smart cars, are generating a data explosion. The result is unprecedented demand for compute power...

IoT Platform

Wearables, smart homes, smart cities and industry 4.0 are driving wide range of applications fueling today's Internet of Things (IoT) market growth. Fusion of IoT, AI & 5G will expedite the evolution of the connected devices...

Mobile Platform

The mobile market has enjoyed epic growth over the past decade in both software and hardware. As a result, mobile devices have become an indispensable part of our day-to-day lives. The use of the mobile devices ranges from social and entertainment to essential tasks...

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