TSMC's comprehensive Automotive Program covers all aspects of its IATF16949 quality system certified manufacturing, as well as process technology, design enablement and reliability testing.

Automotive Service Package

Reliability is a key Automotive technology component and TSMC has developed 3 qualification criteria that must be met before it releases any automotive technology.

  1. Establish stringent intrinsic reliability specifications for process technology to ensure your products can sustain the lifetime of application
  2. Implement a Safe Launch Program during the production ramp to ensure the success of every new product introduction. Through close customer collaboration, our accelerated DPPM reduction methodology meets automotive low PPM requirements and shortens time-to-market.
  3. The Automotive Service Package has a built-in "Zero Defect Mindset." Tightened control and enhanced gating achieve zero DPPM goals, with minimal excursions. The package also includes logistics and infrastructure to support your industry-specific business needs.
Establish stringent intrinsic reliability specifications for process technology

Long-term technology availability is imperative to automotive industry. Throughout its history, TSMC has never shut down any Fab or phased out a single technology. As a global company and an integral part of the complex semiconductor supply chain, TSMC established and is committed to maintaining a proactive and robust risk and crisis management program to protect the continuing business interest of the company and our major stake holders, including our customers.

Business Continuity Management (BCM) outline
Business Continuity Management (BCM) outline
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