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TSMC established the TSMC Volunteer Program in 2004 to fulfill its vision of making a "long-term commitment to community service." The program encourages our employees to participate volunteer programs that contribute to improving society. In June of 2017, TSMC formerly established the TSMC Charity Foundation, under the leadership of Chairperson Sophie Chang, to integrate our resources and volunteer services and create a larger impact on society. The TSMC Charity Foundation, guided by TSMC's Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, has defined four key initiatives: taking care of the elderly, promoting filial piety, caring for the disadvantaged, and protecting the environment to create a better Taiwan.

Taking Care of the Elderly People
Provide services to the Elderly living alone through the Network of Love.
Promote Filial Piety
Collaborate with the Ministry of Education to publish teaching material, train teachers, and promote the spirit of filial piety through volunteer initiatives.
Care for the Disadvantaged
Provide emergency aid, establish programs and promote volunteer services that improve the welfare and education of disadvantaged groups.
Protect the Environment
Expand environmental and energy conservation volunteerism. Launch the Cherish Food Program.

Contact Information

Albee Lee, TSMC Charity Foundation
Address: 8, Li-Hsin Rd. 6, Hsinchu Science Park,
Hsinchu 300-78, Taiwan, R.O.C.