The TSMC Open Innovation Platform® initiative is a comprehensive design technology infrastructure that encompasses all critical IC implementation areas to reduce design barriers and improve first-time silicon success. OIP promotes the speedy implementation of innovation amongst the semiconductor design community and its ecosystem partners using TSMC's IP, design implementation and design for manufacturability (DFM) capabilities, process technology and backend services.

Crucial to OIP are ecosystem interfaces and collaborative components initiated and supported by TSMC that more efficiently empower innovation throughout the supply chain and, in turn, drive the creation and sharing of new revenue and profits. TSMC's active accuracy assurance (AAA) initiative is key to OIP, providing the accuracy and quality required by the ecosystem interfaces and collaborative components.

TSMC's Open Innovation® model brings together the creative thinking of customers and partners under the common goal of shortening each of the following: design time, time-to-volume, time-to-market and, ultimately, time-to-revenue. The model features:

  • the foundry segment's earliest and most comprehensive electronic design automation certification program, delivering timely design tool enhancement required by new process technologies;
  • the foundry segment's largest, most comprehensive and robust silicon-proven IP (intellectual properties) and library portfolio; and
  • comprehensive design ecosystem alliance programs covering market-leading EDA, library, IPs, Cloud, and design service partners.
The IC Industry Foundation

TSMC provides the robust design ecosystem, technologies and manufacturing excellence that are the foundation of the IC industry and promote the highest level of collaboration to drive your next innovation with TSMC.

The IC Industry Foundation


TSMC provides the semiconductor industry's largest catalog of ecosystem-partner, silicon-verified,...



The EDA Alliance, consisting of leading EDA companies, provides a comprehensive set of process...



TSMC's Design Center Alliance (DCA) provides broad service choices from RTL to chips, including full chip placement,...



TSMC Cloud Alliance enables IC design in the Cloud to reduce time-to-market by lifting in-house compute limitation...



TSMC's Value Chain Alliance (VCA) program extends TSMC's ability to serve a broader customer base...


TSMC 3DFabric™ 联盟

TSMC 3DFabric™ Alliance helps customers achieve speedy implementation of silicon and system-level innovations and enable next-generation HPC and mobile applications using TSMC’s 3DFabric™ technologies. This alliance offers a full spectrum of best-in-class solutions and services in EDA, IP, DCA/VCA, Memory, OSAT (Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test), Substrate, and Testing.