TSMC's eFoundry®; Shortens Time-to-Market, Time-to-Delivery and Time-to-Volume

TSMC's eFoundry® services are a suite of web-based applications that provide a more active role in design, engineering, and logistics. Designers have 24-hour a day, seven days a week access to critical information and are able to create custom reports through eFoundry® online services.

eFoundry® services are available through two channels and three collaboration models.

eFoundry® services
Channel Options
  • TSMC-Online™

    TSMC-Online™ is the first foundry delivery system to enable secure online business transactions and information transfer for creating product design, tape outs, and wafer tracking.

    The Results:
    • Customers can focus on their own core competency
    • Complete foundry production and IC development cycle coverage
    • Enhanced visibility into TSMC's foundry services
    • Access to up-to-date technical documents and status reports
    • Reduced cycle time, inventory level, and inventory-related costs
  • TSMC-Direct℠

    TSMC-Direct℠ is a premium service that enables system-to-system integration between TSMC and our business partners who use third party software.

    The Results:
    • Link mission-critical business processes and seamlessly connect process and information systems through TSMC-Direct℠
    • Enhanced supply chain visibility to reduce cycle time; and control inventory levels and cost
    • Ability to handle free format types such as text, images, CAD files, and binary data
Collaboration Options

eFoundry® services' three collaboration options cover design, engineering and logistical functions.

  • The Design Collaboration focuses on content availability and accessibility, with close attention to complete, accurate, and current information at each level of the wafer design life cycle.
  • The Engineering Collaboration includes online access to pilot lots, wafer yields, wafer acceptance test (WAT) analysis, and quality reliability data.
  • The Logistics Collaboration provides access to data updated three times a day on a wafer lot's status in fabrication, assembly and testing, final testing, order and shipping.