TSMC EDA Alliance, a key component of TSMC Open Innovation Platform ® (OIP), reduces design barriers for customer's adoption of TSMC process technologies. By combining TSMC and EDA Alliance members R&D capability and resource, new generations of EDA solutions are enabled to be compliant to TSMC technology requirements. This helps customers to better achieve their PPA target in a shorter period of time.

EDA partners in TSMC EDA Alliance offer wide variety of design automation tools that cover all stages of IC design needs, ranging from circuit design timing analysis, simulation for design electrical analysis, place & route for physical implementation, and physical layout verification, RC extraction for final design tapeout signoff.

Selected EDA Alliance partners work closely with TSMC's design technology teams to address customer design needs through the enablement of new EDA tool features that align with TSMC advanced process development roadmap, as well as the implementation of TSMC's design methodology in Reference Flows. Through the established work model, EDA Alliance partners gain access to TSMC's technical insights to validate their tools and methodologies.

List of EDA Alliance partners as of 06/07/2024

  • Altair Engineering
  • Ansys
  • AnaGlobe
  • Arteris
  • Cadence Design Systems
  • Empyrean
  • iROC Technologies
  • Jedat
  • Keysight Technologies
  • Lorentz Solution
  • Siemens EDA
  • Silvaco
  • SkillCAD
  • Synopsys