TSMC Cloud Alliance enables IC design in the Cloud to reduce time-to-market by lifting in-house compute limitation. Through in-depth collaboration between TSMC and Cloud Alliance partners, we jointly ensure solution readiness for customers’ first time Cloud adoption, and innovate Cloud-optimized design methodologies for significant run-time speedup.

TSMC team up with top Cloud service partners to provide the largest Cloud compute capacity worldwide. Cloud security certified by TSMC ensures data protection for customers to conduct IC design securely in the Cloud. OIP Virtual Design Environment (VDE) is built on top of this foundation to enable low entry barrier for customers to conduct IC design in the Cloud for the first time.

By best matching EDA parallelism and Cloud scalability, we create next generation Cloud-optimized design methodologies to accelerate turnaround time of critical design tasks even further. EDA partners optimize their tools for multi-threaded, fully-distributed runs to best utilize Cloud. Cloud partners bring new virtual machines most suitable for the EDA workload of IC designs.

The relentless focus of Cloud Alliance aligns partners to support customers’ pursuit of bringing their products to the market in the timely fashion.

TSMC Cloud Alliance Members
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Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure
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