5G supports massive data traffic with more bandwidth and lower latency. To accommodate a diversity of 5G applications, the spectrum range will vary widely, from sub-6GHz to mmWave.

RF architecture is evolving to accommodate high performance computing's power and footprint requirements
RF for IoT

5G provides IoT platform to interconnect devices from cloud to edge with low power and limited data rate under sub-GHz. TSMC provides low power RF technology for IoT applications.

  • RF CMOS technologies enable connectivity and sensing
    • 5G Sub 6GHz and mmWave, as well as BT/WiFi
    • 79/77 GHz short or long range Radar
  • RF integration and smart Radar sensor require N28HPC+ or 16FFC for better power, performance, and footprint
TSMC provides low power RF technology for IoT applications
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