The smartphone market has experienced tremendous software and hardware growth over the past decade. Mobile devices have become an indispensable part of our daily life. Uses range from social and entertainment, to essential tasks such as shopping, banking, booking travel, ordering food, or hailing a cab. Needless to say, mobile devices are ubiquitous.

The deployment of 5G has greatly enlarged the wireless data communication bandwidth, reduced latency, and increased the density of connected devices. It has also greatly enhanced the features and performance of devices, as well as enabled new services and businesses.

Use of 5G edge computing supports localized, low latency, and real-time applications. Service providers uses the technology to collect huge amounts data for deep learning AI-based new services. Together, 5G and AI will bring unprecedented convenience to our life. The underlying silicon technologies will be called upon for continuous power, performance, and density improvement and feature augmentation.

TSMC’s industry-leading smartphone platform includes:

  • Advanced logic process technologies
  • Specialty technologies (Radio frequency, power management IC, sensor, analog)
  • Wafer level system integration (WLSI), including InFO_PoP and InFO-3D
  • A comprehensive IP ecosystem

TSMC's smartphone platform offers industry's most advanced and comprehensive technologies and services to meet the wide spectrum of process requirement for mobile devices from high-end to mainstream with the right performance, power and cost combination.

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