InFO Technologies for 5G Mobile

Industry 1st high density 2D/3D Fan Out Wafer-Level-Packaging, InFO_PoP leverages high density RDL and fine pitch TIV technologies to integrate mobile AP into a compact 3D system for cost and performances. It features thinner profile, cooler thermal, and improved PI/SI for smartphone application since no organic substrate and C4 bumps. InFO_PoP continues to grow packaging density and performances to fulfill customer needs on 5G/AI applications.

Industry 1st high density 2D/3D Fan Out Wafer-Level-Packaging

For 5G wireless communication, InFO_AiP (InFO with antenna in Package) Integrates dipole and patch antenna with mmWave FEM chip leveraging high density RDL and fine pitch TIV. Proprietary low-Dk dielectric material and uniform RDL enable high gain and low loss. Qualified 12mm x 12mm x 0.9mm package with 2 RDLs.

CoWoS Product Tape-outs
CoWoS Product Tape-outs
Performance Gain 1X 1.15X
Thermal Resistance 1X 0.85X
Thickness 1X 0.7X
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