Committed to manufacturing excellence, TSMC has moved to a new level of intelligent manufacturing including deep learning and image recognition, which widely applied in Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Fab. TSMC continuously deployed several technologies to enable “Intelligent Fab Automation” which can reduce fab costs and cycle times and level up the scale of quality management.

“Intelligent Fab Automation” is integrated by several expert systems, including the Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Advanced Process Control (APC), Automated Material Handling System (AMHS). In addition to automation systems, Advanced Packaging also leverage artificial intelligence (AI), Human-In-The-Loop (HITL), Machine Learning(ML), big data analysis, and edge computing techniques to supervise the intelligent systems that control the physical equipment.

Based on the knowledge of wafer-level Manufacturing Execution System (MES), TSMC developed the exclusive die-level MES adopted in Advanced Packaging Fab, which provides instant die-level information, real-time dispatching and transfer instructions, comprehensive defect interception and classification, automated yield prediction and optimization.

As mentioned, TSMC has not only deployed APC to control and operate tools, but also implemented Advanced Defect Classification (ADC) in the process flow, which automates the yield and quality defense control to intercept and classify defects. Furthermore, TSMC yield analysis engine using HITL and advanced algorithms detects defects and isolates defective material precisely.

Linking these various systems, Intelligent Packaging Fab could provide intelligent routing, sequencing, precise workflow, high-quality defense, and defect prevention within the fab in order to speeding up the time- to- market and the time- to- volume, the key mission that TSMC committed to achieve with customers.


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