High Performance Computing (HPC) technology innovation enables broad artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G applications, accelerating digital transformation and semiconductor growth. Emerging AI and 5G applications such as connected devices, smart cars, virtual reality/augmented reality, and intelligent manufacturing require extensive data analysis. The result is unprecedented demand for computing power in cloud data centers and communication infrastructure.

Tremendous IP traffic growth is driven by video content and nearly one hundred billion connected devices. Wired and wireless connectivity speed is getting faster to support market innovation. In the meantime, the drive towards energy efficient compute will continue to advance the technology innovation.

Given the insatiable compute demand, customers not only use our leading-edge process technologies, but also require heterogenous integration with advanced packaging technologies. Our comprehensive Wafer Level System Integration technologies extend Moore’s-Law and add a new dimension beyond traditional scaling.  A broad IP ecosystem, nurtured through years of TSMC and third-party investment provides first-time-right design and fast time-to-market.

TSMC’s High-Performance Computing Platform includes:

  • Leading edge process technologies
  • Connectivity technologies (RF technology, SerDes and Optical interconnect)
  • TSMC 3DFabricTM (3D Si Stacking and Advanced Packaging Platform)
  • A comprehensive IP ecosystem
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TSMC’s High Performance Computing platform creates AI and 5G innovation that spurs market growth.

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