22ULL technology platform provides comprehensive portfolio for low-power SoC design, including low Vdd solution, enhanced analog features and integration with Non-Volatile Memory and BCD. Customer adoption has been strong.

BCD for Power Efficiency

To enable longer battery life solution, 22ULL offer both Ultra Low Leakage device and ULL SRAM with low single digit Id_off and retention current respectively. Further leakage reduction can be achieved through innovative power-gating design. For better Analog design, 22ULL also support enhanced analog features to improve flicker noise and mismatch.

Excellent process controllability and advanced sign-off flow enable lower Vdd solution to the 22ULL portfolio, which serves diversified IoT applications, especially for battery-powered devices.

BCD for Power Efficiency
The next generation ultra-low power solution

12FFC+_ULL is the worldwide-leading ultra-Low power technology among N12/14/16 nodes, and should be a long-life node for various IoT and edge AI processor applications.

12FFC+_ULL is a derivative technology from 12FFC+, which leverages 12FFC+ process baseline and supports IP ecosystem re-use for easy design porting.

12FFC+_ULL support competitive ULL SRAM with further reduction of retention leakage and standby current.

12FFC+_ULL also supports ultra-low leakage device to achieve significant leakage current reduction with performance improvement.

To support aggressive low power design, 12FFC+_ULL will provide low Vdd solution with comprehensive design enablement and IP ecosystem to enable further reduction of operating voltage for ultra-low active power and ultra-low leakage power to enable future generation IoT products.

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